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Help us identify endangered places of national significance for our revolving portfolio of National Treasures. National Treasures are places where the National Trust’s on-the-ground assistance can have positive implications for preservation nationwide.

To be selected as a National Treasure, historic resources must meet three key criteria:

1. The resource must be nationally significant, or the work involved in its preservation must have national implications.

   •To be considered nationally significant, places may be a designated National Historic Landmark, be listed on or eligible for the National Register of Historic Places at the national level of significance, or have another designation that indicates a national level of historic significance.

   •To have national implications, a successful outcome addressing the threat will set a precedent or serve as a national model to help save or protect other comparable historic resources across the country.

2. The resource must be threatened. Threats endangering a historic resource can include demolition, closure, neglect, inappropriate development, insufficient protection or a lack of funding.

3. There must be a clear role for the National Trust in making a significant difference to save or protect the endangered resource. The role for the National Trust can include providing targeted technical assistance in advocacy, marketing, planning, legal assistance, development, heritage tourism, Main Street or other areas of preservation related expertise.

To suggest an endangered place for consideration as a National Treasure, please complete the online application below. You may fill out and submit an application at any time.

 Potential Treasure – Online Application

We will acknowledge receipt of each application and the applicant will be notified when the National Trust has made a conclusive decision. Questions regarding the application process may be directed to

Please note this is a very competitive national program with a rigorous selection process that includes several levels of review. It can take several months before a final decision is made to add a new National Treasure to the portfolio. Additionally, because the National Trust dedicates a team of representatives from across the organization to work on the specific threat facing each National Treasure, only a limited number of campaigns can be carried out at any given time.

Thank you for your interest in the National Treasures program.

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In 2014, more than 15,000 people took action online to help save America’s National Treasures.

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