Action Alert: Urge Miami City Commissioners to Save the Stadium!

Written by Karen Nickless, Project Manager

Calling all stadium lovers: it's time to take action!

Our local partner, Friends of Miami Marine Stadium (FMMS), has been fighting to save Miami Marine Stadium since February 2008, when the City of Miami unveiled a master plan for the Virginia Key that did not include the beloved structure. In response, Don Worth (a local preservationist who loves the stadium), Jorge Hernandez (a National Trust board memeber), and Hilario Candela (the stadium’s architect) formed FMMS to save the stadium from demolition. In just five years, the group has donated time, funds, and expertise to take the stadium from almost certain demolition to a site plan designed to not only save the structure, but to do so in a sustainable way.

Once the city approved a reasonable master plan for Virginia Key in March of 2012, they entered into a Memorandum of Agreement with FMMS and the Miami Sports and Exhibition Authority, designating FMMS as the only entity authorized to raise funds for the renovation and operation of the stadium. This was contingent on the development of a site plan. FMMS worked with a steering committee selected by the city manager to develop the plan, which includes boundaries and construction costs as well as other aspects of restoration and operation.

On December 18, 2012, the City Steering Committee unanimously approved the plan and sent it forward for approval by the Miami City Commission. On March 14, FMMS presented the comprehensive plan to the C. Two of the five city commissioners have already voiced their support, but we need one more "yes" vote to reach a majority. 

Please take a moment to contact the three remaining commissioners and urge them to approve the site plan and stay the course with the FMMS, the only organization whose sole purpose it is to save the stadium.

Please check back often for additional updates on Miami Marine Stadium. Also, donate today to support the National Trust's ongoing work at this National Treasure.